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SkyRealism - ENB Evolved


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He does have some nice custom shaders there. Since I'm such a chromatic aberration and anamorphic lens flare fan I am looking forward to an update. This was based on one of Matso's older codes before those were available. Still a great job though. I really like what he's doing with this and keeping an eye on it.


Very vanilla-like for you vanilla fans. ;)

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This thread is funny 'cause I was just thinking of making one about SkyRealism. LOVE IT! Absolutely!! I use cinematic though. Haven't tried Vanilla yet. Only complaint is dungeons/interiors/caves not quite dark enough. Project enb has better darkness IMO, but not by a lot! Really missing RL though. Might install it. Can't wait for 4.0! On a side note, wish I could use SkyRealism with SSAO enabled and keep high frames. Been trying SMAA standalone with it and looks great!! Had to use some of the AMD tweaks on the wiki to keep my frames from dropping in the teens..lol

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I have to agree with everyone here, this is one of the most gorgeous enbs on nexus.


Most of the enbs in my opinion, changes too much of the feel of vanilla by making it very bright (bloom) or oversaturate the colors to make the world seem fake.


This enb however changes the color just enough to make the game still retain the vanilla feel but also make it alot more beautiful at the same time, plus its fully compatible with COT.


This is a must have ENB, and this is coming from someone who didnt like the majority of ENB's on nexus.

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I've just noticed that FixParallaxBugs is set to False in this ENB. Is that OK, even if you use the Parallax mods (TPC)?


On a related note, TPC ignores shaderinput folders from Project Parallax mods. Is that done on purpose too?

The shaderinput folders are for enb versions prior to .113, and yes you do need to fixparallax for version .113+ to turn on its included shaders.


on the fixflags I quote Boris

FixParallaxBugs=true reduce performance, but it's absolutely useless and harmless when parallax mod not installed.

AntiBSOD=false, SpeedHack=false - reduce performance, but increase compability. For me if AntiBSOD=false, after few minutes of play CTD or BSOD happen.

So having them all off by default is the most optimized setting, you can then turn on what you need for your personal setup.
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