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Unable to zoom when using iron sights [SOLVED]



I installed F&L and I seem to be having an issue where when I aim down the sights on a gun, the camera doesn't zoom in. Scoped weapons still work, though.


I have no idea what could be causing it. I figured maybe WAR might have been the culprit, but uninstalling that didn't fix it. Any ideas what could be causing it?


If necessary, I can post my load order. I did deviate a bit from the normal install process and install a few mods on my own while excluding others from the guide.

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Go to your pipboy and select the PPA menu. The menu has something for FOV settings or something like that. All but one setting will have the same value. Change the one with the different value. I believe they are all 1 except the iron sights thing and you need to also make that setting a 1. I could wrong though and you might have to change it to 0. You'll know when you see it.

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