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Elemental Arrows + Leveled lists for flame arrows/bolts

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Elemental Arrows v2.1.2
Download (Skyrim Nexus)    
Description: Elemental Arrows is a mod that adds magic imbued arrows that can be crafted at smithing forges. Each arrow has their own unique effects and properties, giving archers more variety in playing styles. Especially if you're an archer that doesn't want to spend time maxing Enchanting to get most out of Archery. There are already several mods that add "magical arrows" into the game, however I felt that most of them were either overpowered, didn't scale well, too hard to access for practical playing, or were plain outdated (after not being updated for so long).

This mod also includes the spinning arrow meshes from my other mod, Ultimate Spinning Arrows. Arrows will also emit light during flight, making it easier to see where your shot lands. The arrows are given custom textures to differentiate them from other arrows. The arrows have been carefully tweaked with appropriate and fitting visual effects to properly reflect their use during gameplay.



COMPATIBILITY: This mod uses its own meshes and textures. It only used vanilla meshes for the quivers, the textures will change depending which texture replacers you install. This mod also won't be affected by mods that changes vanilla arrows. You can place this mod anywhere on the load order. This mod will not conflict with any other mod.


You also have the alternate mod for firing Torch Arrows. I was wanting this mod, but I noticed the issues they're currently having with another mod that changes arrow size and positioning from STEP Core, so I went out searching for an alternate mod that lets you fire torch arrows and this one does the same thing plus it adds other types of arrows for a better experience. I only want the fire arrows though. Unfortunately, it doesn't add a leveled list, I believe that means it allows your enemies to carry them as well. But wait, I found this for EA, Zinni's Torch Arrow and Lantern Fix which does exactly what I wanted, give NPCs fire arrows and bolts. Nothing else. I haven't tried it yet, but I will soon.


(Credit to fireundubh for op thread format, thanks)

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It's a nice mod to be sure. Have it tracked for the time I decide to try running the Wood Elf Archer I've been meaning to do one day.


But there's a perk in Perkus Maximus that does similar things. Arcane Archery. Whether they'd play nice would be the question.

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