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All in One Face for Dawnguard Vampire and Vanilla Races (by r3320ca)


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I´ve been following STEP for quite a while now and thought it was time for me to contribute, so here i go.



All in One Face for Dawnguard Vampire and Vanilla Races - UNP - CBBEv3 - Vanilla


Posted Image







(Sorry for just the link, embedding didnt seem to work)




Adds some of the most impressive face textures I have ever seen.

The author dedicated more than 500 hours to this project  and I think it´s worth a look.


It is compatible with the Vanilla body , although it seems to work even better with the UNP and CBBE replacers.


So what do you think?

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Screenshots are impressive and comparing all the textures to the Vanilla/XCE textures it's quite an improvement (whatever that means by looking at the Texas Chainsaw face mask DDS files). Definitely going to give this one a go later.

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I believe that this is the best female face replacer and I've seen quite a few people on the thread ask about a male replacer, so hopefully we'll get one of this quality. I started using it with v2.0 and then v3.0 put it to shame and v4.0 put that one to shame. As far as I know only the vampire replacer is a vanilla body face, but even the UNP or CBBE versions of the regular faces should work without the neck seam being to different.


I started using this because it didn't give the faces that plastic doll look that most of the replacers do. Coverwomen and Better Females are very high quality work, but they change the elves' faces way to much to look like the humans.

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  • 11 months later...

Does anyone know what All in one face is like compared to XCE and Bella's? Is it closer to one of the two?

I also don't see a version of All in one face for Vanilla bodies.

I plan on using a couple of makeover mods (like Falmerbanes etc)and I usually use XCE as advised by STEP but

they always come out looking much older and not much better. I know STEP stays away from the glamazon look

but was wondering what All in one face would be like.


Also in regards to body mods UNP CBBE etc, is there a performance hit at all?

I read ages ago the vanilla body was ok in skyrim and didn't really need to be replaced

unlike it did in oblivion. Any thoughts......................

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Use the version 4.0 for vanilla faces. 5.0 is dawnguard vamipres.


All in one is not about the glamor look, but it is an improvement and the author of that mod made version 3.0 for people that want a glamorish look. There performance impact for the body mods comes from the textures you choose to use. If they are 2k body textures then it will cause a performance hit, but usually anything in the 1k area is about the same as vanilla.

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Another good thing about the mod is that you then have all the face textures etc. in one folder. You can just copy in content from other face mods as you experiment.

I am using the all in one face for all but the elven races, where I copied in Ethereal Elven Overhaul to overwrite the required files.


You might ask why I do not just activate the mod itself later and let it overwrite. Well because it includes a lot of stuff I was not interested in, and my mod list is long enough as it is! :)

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