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Game totally glitched out, screen went bright green :\



Oh man, I think my video card may be starting to die on me but I can't be certain. I wish I could have gotten a screenshot but the game glitched out when I was trying to sell some stuff at the Winterhold Imperial Camp. Actually, I was successful in that, it was when I try to take stuff back from Lydia that I wanted to sell (the first thing was a basket), the game freaked out, I could still see parts of the UI but most of it was green. I couldn't save or take a screenshot. I brought up task manager to close Skyrim but I noticed Enbhost.exe was at the very top of the list using lots of memory. This doesn't come to a surprise to me but now I'm trying to figure out if it was my video card or an ENB thing.

I'm playing at 1280x720 on a TV connected to my PC via HDMI but the green screen was on my PC too.

So, sign of dying card or something else? I googled it and couldn't find much besides the green underwater glitch (that's obviously not what it is). If it is my card, that really sucks. It was costly at the time but I am getting the GTX 970 very soon so it's not the biggest deal in the world, it's just that I finally got my game running about 85% stable (with mods) and then something weird like this happens. I was enjoying my playthrough. :(

I'm going to boost the fans on the GPU to max the next time I attempt to play. I'll run SPM as well.

If you any information about what it could be, please let me know. If it happens again, I will try to get a screenshot with my phone.

Thanks guys.

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you seem you have a boatload of issues...

Goodnews: Its not your save


but bright green? huh...

Did you happen to see a very small graphical error? Like a blip or anything?


Did you change out the HDMI?


does the game still run in the background or completely locked up

Literally disconnect the Graphics card from the motherboard and put it back in...

There could be a small amount of corrosion on a pin


Is your power supply good and good quality? 


I wouldn't toss the card yet though.


I found this 


I would recommend stressing your card with something heavy like Heaven(max everything out) and let it run for 10+min and observe temps/usage/clocks like MAJOR drop offs that are not a loading screen.

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Yes, many issues.  :confused: 

A small graphical error like a blip? Kind of. When I was trying to get the basket in the inventory from Lydia, the item was taken and then put back a few times. It was odd and I've never experienced anything like that before. When I went to pause, lots of bright green came up. The letters were kind of jumbled. I don't think you could make out most of what it said on the menu. I was able to leave the menu and something I didn't mention before was that I did a quick save and I just looked in my save files and it's there. Then the game frozen and I couldn't control anything.

Didn't change out the HDMI. Unfortunately I don't have another 6ft HDMI cord to test with right now. If the glitch/error/gpu fail happens again, I will find one and test it out.

I don't know if it was locked when I went to task manager. I don't recall it saying "(Not Responding)" or anything.

I have no problem with pulling the video card in/out but I'm going to wait to see if I see any other issues.

Power supply is a Corsair HX650, gold certified, etc. etc. It's a decent PSU and I don't have any reason to believe it's failing.

Interesting forum post. The users seem to have decent tips but I think OP was experiencing problems with the greens on his monitor. Doesn't sound much like my issue. I did notice there was a Nvidia driver update today. I should probably install that anyway.

Stressed with Heaven at max, stuttery, some minor screen tearing otherwise normal.

I can't think of any reason my GPU would be dying other than pushing it to extremes with Skyrim and to be honest, it's not really extreme. FPS isn't great but I think that has to do with many different things which I've done to modify the game (1k textures, ENB, 10+ script mods). My stable temps are normal. It went up to 80c while running Heaven and I was concerned about that but you say that's normal so I'll take your word for it. No aftermarket cooler either. I have one, but the front fan went missing AND I wouldn't want to take my motherboard out just to put an AM cooler on because I'd probably make things worse. I have played around with Precision X, and tweaked the settings a bit but I think EVGA Precision only lets you tweak to safe settings and you have to allow an additional option to really "overclock" it.

I'm still hoping that someone else out there has had this problem. I briefly searched Nexus and only could find posts about the green water bug but I'm going to look around Nvidia's forum tomorrow.

It's only been a one time thing so I'm going to play it a bit more and see what happens. As I said before, I will get a screenshot somehow if it happens again.

Thanks for the help so far!

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