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Introducing DinoSystem (by TheCompiler)

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    • By hishutup
      So there is something that I have been poking around with for the past... 6 days 7ish onto 8 10/11 now?. 
      Anyhow, I remember Sounds of Skyrim back in the day by the effect it had on a game and the patching hell it was, it was the thing that really got me into xEdit.
      Cliffworms opened up perms awhile back and I knew there must of been a better way to do things and there kind of is.
      Crushing you expectations comes first, I cannot produce an effect that is identical that Cliffworms produced, but I will be able to have more interactive sounds(kinda)
      I'd like people to try and break it the best they can by using vanilla mechanics.
      The mod currently spawns the log, some state debug code is enabled.
      This should would in either game but was developed in SSE.
      Here you go(Dev 3), seriously though, don't use this on a save that you intend to keep using.
      Consider this a broken mod, if youre going to do that.
      There are a few tools out there to assist with unbreaking it, if you did though.
      What I want to achieve:
      I want to learn how feasible a dynamic SoS would be. I'm not all that concerned with producing a file.
      I would like a dynamic solution that doesn't spawn mass script instances all over the save because that is gross.
      Quest aliases seem to work but have their own limitations, plus I consider them slow but I wont really know until I scale up and then throw in other mods.
      I have a really small sample file which only handles three types of sounds, boiling potions, cooking pots and rain hitting tents. I'll be adding more as I find and troubleshoot problems
      How it works as of today:
      I have a script that has a sort of quick irregular heartbeat to spawn sounds later, but current every 11 thumps, the objects are rechecked. There are also a few other conditions like if the player is above a certain distance(4000) or if they switch interior/exterior.
      Im planning on adding a weather change event.
      The sound manager has a script attached to it that manages the other workers(I tired to decouple the sequential operations for speed)
      The sound manager thumps all the workers for anything like fades.
      The scripts then find available aliases and spawn sounds onto of them
      After all the states have finished, the script goes to the "Waiting" state.
      Known problems:
      The code is still gross, I tried so many different methods.
      What I need:
      I need the sounds to make sense. I need to know what sounds I need to spawn and where. 
      There are dozens of sets of sounds and I don't really know where to stick them all, any sort of correlation would be awesome.
      Figure out what I don't know, this is the fun one as I can't figure out something that I know nothing about.
      What if this "project" dies:
      Anything and everything I do is open, have at it kid, original author perms need to be followed though.
    • By n0mad23
      OK3SEKSY NET 9000 is in a better beta form, and it's time that it was posted here to be tracked.

      From the Description:
      0S3KZYNET 9000 is an adult animation mod for Skyrim that adds seamless, fully animated, player driven,adult animation scenes of lovemaking and embracing. Every action is controlled by the player on input, the characters never teleport or appear in a position, every movement they make is fully animated for a perfect seamless quality.

      I have done every animation in this mod by hand. As well as the art work on this page by myself. It currently has just under 600 .hkx files. All animations are consensual / romantic, and depict no illegal activities.
      Version 1.05 is now up and includes kissing.
      Nexus Mod Page link here:
      This newest version features in-game configuration via MCM.
      While I remain rather ambivalent about "adult mods" for Skyrim, I do think CEO's current work stands in a camp of it's own.  The animation is the best I've seen in terms of fluidity and natural movement (outside the sex element) and it suggest some major paradigm changes in terms of FNIS additions.
      This really is more of a "Immersive Fondling" or "Immersive Cuddling" mod than its porn inspired predecessors, at least in its current beta form.  
      I'm sure I'm not the only one here who has been following this strange addition.
    • By EssArrBee
      Posted later on this thread
      Comprehensive vanilla body texture compare
       XCE scars, FemFeet and Warpaint/Dirt are essentials if using a vanilla body solution. ~z

      Current download link for testing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1_Nlyy2ueu0N29SdkZpUTFwSlE/view?usp=sharing 
      This mod is in an Alpha state and will remain so until the seams have been resolved.
      December 17, 2014, Alpha v1.1Reduced shine on skin for both body and face. Shine is now slightly reduced and smoother. Added versions to the file name for users.  
      Current Compares
      Vanilla Lighting
      Vanilla  >>  Previous Version  >>  Alpha v1.1

      ENB Lighting
      Vanilla  >>  Previous Version  >>  Alpha v1.1

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