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Bold and Italic in Skyrim Books

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As part of the Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library work I have been looking at the Bold and Italic markup that the CK says we can use to change the appearance of text in books but I am having problems getting it to work.


It seems that no matter where in the text I put both the or tags and their closing tags, (spaces added to not confuse this forum), they are simply ignored and I could use some help.


One vanilla book that I know is supposed to have both bold and italic text is the Effects of the Elder Scrolls (0003010B). Do any of you see the bold or italic in that book when read?


I would really like to use the formatting in Fools' Ebony to make it more readable.

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I am using that Farkas font/interface mod with bits of it overwriting by other interface mods, and it adds italics fonts for the books, leaving regular fonts elsewhere.  I think it works great on short letters/notes, but reading a whole Skyrim book can be rather annoying and difficult to read.  

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