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Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch - Fog Rain Overcast


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Added this in here to fit in with STEP mod structure - an excellent addition to CoT - don't install CoT without it (unless you really want to). LINK


Ever thought all the love always went into the good weather types of Climates of Tamriel? Well, no more! This mod overhauls all "bad" weather types; Overcast, Rain and Foggy weathers in all weather systems.







• Adds spectacular sunrise/sunsets into foggy weather types, appropriate to the type of weather (nothing overdone)

• Adds sunrise/sunset colors into a few overcast/rainy weather types (mild)

• Hides sun from Overcast and Rainy weathers

• Changes fog colors in all mentioned weather types to match clouds (no more blue mountains during overcast)

• Major edits in Rainy weather types

• Edits rainy weather image spaces to add blur and makes heavy rain really heavy when used in conjunction with Supreme Storms for CoT and my patch

• Edits fog distances in Overcast/Rainy weathers to feel a bit more dynamic

• Optional download: Revamped Sun/Sunglare for Climates of Tamriel BSA version. Now is neat NMM installer to let you mix and match!


No changes to any other weather types, only; Overcast, Heavy Rain, Light rain, Fog, and RiftenFog (full list below)

Compatible with all Climates of Tamriel modules! Does not affect night levels.

Of course you need the original mod Climates of Tamriel by JJC71 for this patch to work!


Load order: load after any other Climates of Tamriel plugin which is part of the main mod!

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