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Immersive Questing by Psychotogen - Halendia


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A possible alternative to Even Better Quest Objectives, although it's still work in progress. What it does? Reading the description, it removes the quest markers from the map (well, it asks the user to do it manually via ini tweak) and provides VERY detailed quest descriptions. 


I like the general idea, but I'm not sure how well is this executed. Has anyone used it before?


I like the way EBQO handles things, but I wouldn't mind even more detailed objectives and guidance, along with removal of quest markers. I never liked to use the map (especially in Skyrim, where it's just not realistic at all - it's not a map, it's a 3D GPS really)...  

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Eh, I prefer EBQO myself. It's pretty easy to just use the map (Quality World Map enhanced, or the paper map you got from Warburg) and figure out where to go. You don't really need directions that detailed from my experience. I may disable quest markers on my end, but I REALLY think that EBQO's descriptions are detailed enough. Then again, considering that I'm the half-author of EBQO, I may be biased.

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