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Thunderchild - Epic Shout Package


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Thunderchild features 29 brand new shouts with multiple effects, several abilities to make shouting more effective, 24 variants of the Greybeard Robes based on a high quality custom model, several new weapons and items and buffs and bugfixes to existing shouts. To acquire all of this, you gain access to the High Hrotgar Library.


But becoming a Tongue takes devotion to Kyne and perhaps the completion of her Tests of Faith...

This mod caught my interest. I thought it was a letdown you could not become one of the greybeards, like you could become one of the blades. This mod sounds really interesting, the new shouts sound as if they would fit the others, and the tests of faith sound awesome! Meditating is yet another mini-game, but well, I've never had any problems with those anyways.


What do you guys think?

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I've been tracking development of this mod for a bit on the forums, and while I won't get a chance to test it out for a while I'm excited to see a mod do something about shouts. Author is well established and his work is always outstanding.

default shouting in the vanilla game is relatively useless with the exception of a few shouts with the only real recourse being to swap to magic if you want any of that supernatural power, This mod doesn't just add shouts but fixes existing ones and tries to do so in the most lore friendly way possible. Now I can feel like a dragonborn.

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I dunno if I'd suggest this for STEP but:


It should be noted that this is the guy who did the massively popular mod for Diablo 2 called Median XL (Brother Laz).


He's a big time modder outside of Elder Scrolls. :)


His goals in modding generally center around extreme balance (if you haven't all ready noticed with the description page of this mod). Oh you want this ((initially) seemingly) massively OP thing that does 1337^42 damage? Good luck, you're gonna have to earn it (and you'll hate yourself while doing so).



I'll be using this mod in my next playthrough for sure. Thanks for pointing it out!


Edit: And not only is he a big time modder outside of ES, he also does unique item design for the Action RPG called Path of Exile. His uniques range from "just leveling a character" types to "this is an endgame item" types. So you could also call him a game designer.

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Oh yeah meant to point out ASP as well.


But honestly, as per STEP's mandate his mods really don't fall under STEP.


Then again if I had my way, I'd hold everyone (even TheCompiler (sorry bro <3)) to STEP's mandate just to prove a point: Then we'd lose about 40% of the mods that are in STEP. OK sorry that should be contained to topics designated for that purpose.

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