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Dragon Shouts mods


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I'm not at all familiar with those mods. There is already one that does in fact alter shouts. However, it really only does the sounds. It is called Thundering Shouts. Check it out! It makes them more forbidding in my opinion.




As for overhauling the Shouts I am not sure. I've always thought it was one of the better parts of Vanilla Skyrim.

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Dragon Shouts Overhaul makes shouting much more useful by increasing the damage they do as well as reducing the cool down time of every shout. It can be a bit overpowered with higher difficulty, I used it with Legendary difficulty and the first dragr overlord in Bleak Falls Barrow could kill me with one unrelenting force shout. I had to hide from it and shoot it with a bow over and over.

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I use Dragon Shouts Overhaul.


I also prefer to use de-leveling mods alongside mods that increase the power of the Daedric artifacts and other odds and ends that should really be more powerful given their lore (Don't even get me started on Gauldur's Amulet...or the White Phial).


The upshot (well, for me) of this is that any enemy you encounter that can use Shouts is appropriately terrifying.  Also, when you finally get access to shouts, it is a huge deal!

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