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Spacesuits Redone (by XilaMonstrr)

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Spacesuits Redone by XilaMonstrr
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Can not currently recommend. At the time of testing, the 2K-1K loose file option causes an issue.

  1. Load the game to New Atlantis (coc NewAtlantisSpaceport)
  2. Once loaded and FPS is stable, open the Map (M)
  3. Open the Surface Map (G)
  4. Finally, hold (Tab) to exit the menu.

At this point the game returns to normal, but the FPS will tank and not recover. I have no idea why this is happening. I would actually recommend the archive version; however, it doesn't include a plugin to load the archive in a mod manager. Editing the INI to do this is not ideal.

Not a bad mod, but not recommended until it's updated to the current state of modding Starfield.

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