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  1. Discussion topic: Random Encounter Framework by Glitchfinder Wiki Link I think we should use this, if not for anything else, as a fix for the random encounters to not be so overtaken by Automatron robots.
  2. Discussion topic: Alternate Start - Live Another Life - SSE by Arthmoor Wiki Link
  3. Discussion topic: Better Brotherhood by PlatinumShad0w Wiki Link The mod description explains it well, but basically fame opportunities are very small for the Brotherhood and even with siding them it's almost impossible to become idolized with them, this mod changes that among other things. Adds a lore-friendly unmarked quest to return Brotherhood tags just like the NCR and Legion, adds an extra ending for a Brotherhood-Independant Alliance and flavour for that (the Brotherhood helping in the Battle of Hoover Dam without an NCR alliance on the side of Independant), and various changes to NPC services and equipment. This mod does make Veronica Companion Weapon - Recharger Pistol (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/41248) which is already in the guide irrelevant by changing her 10mm Pistol to a Laser Pistol.
  4. Discussion topic: The Choice is Yours by kryptopyr Wiki Link
  5. Discussion topic: At Your Own Pace by agd25 Wiki Link I think this is a better option than Not so Fast Mage/Main Quest by CDCooley. How does it makes sense to configure a mod via a button in game on walls. Thoughts on this? At Your Own Pace series is more up to date as well.
  6. Discussion topic: DLC Timing by Jonx0r Wiki Link This looks like a no brainer, and from the author of Wyrmstooth, so I'm certain it's high quality.
  7. Discussion topic: Who's The General - Minutemen Quest Cleanup by Glitchfinder Wiki Link Preston has been convincing sole survivors to destroy the Minutemen for a long time with his constant pestering. I would avoid Sanctuary like the plague just to avoid him constantly giving me quests. This mod looks like it might fix this. It also has a patch for Keep Radiants in the Commonwealth.
  8. Discussion topic: Not So Fast - Main Quest by CDCooley Wiki Link
  9. Discussion topic: Robber's Gorge Fixes by lilebonymace Wiki Link Fixess issues with Robber's Gorge robbers robbering you incorectly. This mod fixes the following issues with bandits in Robber's Gorge, which require toll from you to pass: When you approach from the south (from the Rorikstead side), the sentry almost never initiates the dialogue correctly: in most cases he only initiates the dialogue at the point when the bandits aggro and trigger the traps. When you approach from the north (from the Dragon Bridge side) and haven't been on the bridge, the sentry doesn't initiate dialogue at all, even though he's supposed to. Instead he walks away and then the bandits aggro. If bandits start combat with someone (for example with the nearby sabrecats), they also aggro to you even if you already paid them. Compatible with USSEP
  10. Discussion topic: Quest Conflict Fixes by SkyLover Wiki Link I was searching through to ensure I had all my AFK mods updated, and saw this mod. By its description, it includes several changes to quests that look to be very desirable. I didn't even know the Oathblade existed, for example, as I always entered that area as part of the Hircine quest.
  11. Discussion topic: Thieves Guild Requirements SE by kryptopyr Wiki Link
  12. Discussion topic: SKK Fast BOS by SKK50 Wiki Link This connects the entrance of the Prydwen into the Commonwealth with progress in the Brotherhood of Steel questline instead of with the main quest line. This makes more sense, and also should fix the bug I had on my last playthrough where I exited out the wrong door from Fort Hagen, so the Prydwen never arrived in the Commonwealth at all, and completely bugged out a quest I then received which required me to go to the Prydwen.
  13. Discussion topic: Nuka-World Collectable Quest Markers by Scotty9090 Wiki Link You would have to be very dedicated to find all the Nuka-World cappies, park medallions, star cores, and recipe books without going to Google to find the ones you can't find for the life of you. This mod adds quest markers for these items so you don't need to Google it.
  14. Discussion topic: Even Better Quest Objectives SE by William Imm Wiki Link
  15. Discussion topic: Nuka World - Skip raiding your own settlements by raznek34 Wiki Link
  16. Discussion topic: Atom Cats Drag Race Start Fix by Ablaze666 Wiki Link
  17. Discussion topic: Not So Fast - Mage Guild by CDCooley Wiki Link
  18. Discussion topic: Piper Interview Restored by DanaDuchy Wiki Link
  19. Discussion topic: Keep Radiants in the Commonwealth by AlpineYJ Wiki Link This mod prevents radiant quests issued in the Commonwealth stay in the Commonwealth. Otherwise, you might be chasing down a rogue courser in Nuka World, which is not ideal, especially if you haven't been there yet.
  20. Discussion topic: Keep Radiants in the Commonwealth UFO4P Version by VishVadeva50 Wiki Link This is an updated version of Keep Radiants in the Commonwealth that forwards all changes from UFO4P.
  21. Discussion topic: Savos Aren's Regrets Restored - Cut Content Restoration by Exalderan Wiki Link
  22. Discussion topic: Here We Go Again - World Interactions by tarlazo Wiki Link
  23. Discussion topic: The Paarthurnax Dilemma by Arthmoor Wiki Link
  24. Discussion topic: Undeath Remastered by Antioch08 Wiki Link This mod adds a quest to seek out and destroy an evil necromancer. You can choose the "good" route, destroy the necromancer and sabotage all his efforts, or the "bad" route, where you still destroy the necromancer but also allows you to become a lich. A reward you can claim is the Staff of Worms, which allows you to resurrect a dead body permanently. The quest in the Dragontail Mountains takes you into a dungeon that you can get lost in. Don't assume you can just go whatever way and find your way to the correct location. You have to explore all the rooms, and look out for hidden chains hiding hidden secrets. There are several bugs with this mod, most of which can be fixed by using Undeath - Classical Lichdom mod. You also will need: Undeath - XPMSSE - Strange Runes - Skeleton Patch for XPMSSE and CACO Undeath Patch to work with CACO. Still, you can find some issues, such as a few landscape seams, "disappearing" walls in the main dungeon, some landscape glitches in the dungeon. Nothing too major. Also, a lot of magical NPCs will have a swirling magical effect around them, even when they are dead. One bug I have in my game is certain mage outfits are glitched, to where if I look at them in my inventory, the whole game freezes up for about a minute. I'm uncertain if this mod caused it or another mod. Whatever is causing this, I can't tell, and is most likely a script, as I couldn't find any conflict with them in xEdit. I played the "good" route, so I didn't become a Lich, so I can't comment on that. However, the quest is enjoyable and feels lore-friendly enough. You can gain a player home with it too. The ability to transform soul gems into the black soul gems may be a bit overpowered. I wish this mechanic was more like the similar Soul Cairn altars, where you could only use them one time, and undead rise up and attack you when you do. As it is, if you have 50 soul gems, you can transform all of them into black soul gems easily enough after gaining access to the altar and killing the surrounding creatures. The Ideal Masters I'd think would be mad at this ability.
  25. Discussion topic: The Forgotten City by Nick Pearce Wiki Link Music fix: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/54019 Just finished testing out this mod. This mod adds a quest that has you travel to an old dwarven ruin, with a forgotten underground city. It provides a quest that is very much different from any other quest in the game. There is very little fighting involved. It is mostly a social and exploration game. You talk to a bunch of people and effectively become a detective solving a huge mystery, built upon many smaller mysteries. The mod has several possible endings. I chose the "good ending." In this ending, you save the inhabitants of the city from extinction, and you become the hero. Your main reward is an amulet that grants you 22% higher prices at merchants but also allows you to sell stolen goods to any vendor. Needless to say, this is a fantastic reward for the quest, and very fitting once you learn the story. The city is quite large and is inside an interior cell. I was quite surprised by this, as I thought a dungeon this large would need to be in an exterior worldspace of its own. But that is beside the point. As for bugs, there did seem to be a few landscape bugs near the entrance, but that might be a conflict with one of my mods. Nothing major. There are a large amount of blinking lights around the city, as the author didn't seem to work very hard around the light limit. The quest journal gives a large amount of optional quest items that sometimes cannot be acted on, depending on circumstances. This can simply be ignored, as the story transcends the typical "follow the quest journal" style of questing. I don't think some of the books have proper object bounds, as they didn't fit on the shelf properly, so I had to store them in with my notes. As for lore, it doesn't break any lore that I could tell. Stylistically, the genre of the story is altogether different from normal Skyrim because of its depth. Very worthwhile mod to add to your playthrough.
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