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MO2 CTD when loading save or starting new game



As said in the title my game crashes when i either load a save or try to start a new character. It works fine when i launch using steam but in MO2 it crashes.

I get "Cannot start skse64_loader.exe" (it appears to work when i run MO2 as admin).

My Skyrim SE version number is: 1.6.1170.0. I am running SKSE "Current Anniversary Edition build 2.2.6"

I don't know which version of MO2 i am running but i'd guess it's the latest stable build, since i just installed it 2 days ago.

I am running SKSE. I created a shortcut for the toolbar and run it from there.

I used this playlist as a guide so i'd guess the mods should be compatible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChdM7eE6zns&list=PLhvuRv3vONb5Uwb6rAy6y1r_1WB4Pe151

The only things i installed in addition to this are: SkyUI and InfinityUI.

Skyrim is  in a steamLibary folder on my B drive. I installed MO2 on the B:\ drive aswell.

It's like this: B:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition


Any ideas? I would be happy to give further information if required.

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That will be hard to diagnose not knowing how your system is set up. A lot of factors come into play. 

You can try creating a new profile and launching the game directly through the launcher without SKSE with no other mods enables to see if the game runs. If it does that your install of SKSE is at fault. If it does not run then I suggest looking at the resources here.

Start with Guide:System Setup Guide - Step Mods | Change The Game

Pay attention to the modding Folders section, just make sure you avoid Windows UAC folders.

If possible follow the suggested folder structure.


If you downloaded MO2 from the Nexus site then you will have the latest release version. MO2 should be installed in its own folder outside of the game folder and also away from any UAC folders. Following the setup guide it will be something like ..\Modding\Tools\Mod Organizer\

The Step Skyrim Special Edition Guide covers every thing else with detailed instructions.

Since you only have two mods installed look at the 02-Extenders section and follow that for the extenders setup.



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Creating a new profile does not help. MO2 says: "Cannot start skyrimSE.exe".

My file structure is pretty similar:

B:\Skyrim SE Modding

B:\Skyrim SE Modding\MO2 (this is where my MO2 is installed)

B:\Skyrim SE Modding\MO2 Instances

B:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition

It should work right? It is pretty similar to what a suggested.


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So a question, you said this

10 hours ago, alpha_sneeax said:

I am running SKSE. I created a shortcut for the toolbar and run it from there.

I am assuming you mean the MO2 toolbar. Can you provide a picture of the executable?

Also did you install the SKSE scripts as a mod in MO2 and activate the mod?


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For your executable next to the run button.


Should look similar to this when you select the Edit from the Executables, your paths will reflect your system:


The scripts from the Scripts Extender looks like it is not installed as a mod in MO2 as far as I can see. It should look like the following:


This is outlined in the STEP guide under 02-Extenders.

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2 hours ago, alpha_sneeax said:

This is what it looks like

Skyrim Special Edition – Mod Organizer v2.5.0 (alphasneeax) 26.03.2024 00_48_48.png

That's correct, so you most likely have an issue with an incompatible save, mixed-game-runtime data (from an incomplete downgrade), or SKSE-dependent DLLs or libraries that are not version aligned.

Always test on a new game to rule out savegame incompatibility. Also install a crash logger like Trainwreck.

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