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Guard Dialogue Overhaul MCM (by tarlazo)


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Guard Dialogue Overhaul MCM by tarlazo
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The GDO settings can be altered via MCM rather than console commands. It may or may not be beneficial for our build, but I've never been inclined to tweak GDO behavior.


This mod has an ESPFE option that I think is suitable for our purposes if it's interesting. I also installed it with the "MCM and tweaked conditions" option, because it appears to add additional MCM control than would otherwise be present.

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I used to have this mod in my load order (the "tweaked conditions" version) but recently dropped it after realizing I never felt the need to change the values and I have already too many MCMs. The default values used by GDO are ok with me.

It's nice to have the options in theory and this mod certainly doesn't hurt anything. It just edits some global variables that the GDO plugin uses to control when, in which context, guards say certain lines.

But I would question the opportunity cost of adding such mod to the Guide: one more mod to test and support, and for users to install, for very little value added.

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