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Improved Camera SE


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Improved Camera SE by TwistedModding
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Improved Camera is an SKSE plugin that enables the 1st person body and allows for typically forced 3rd person animations also to be played in 1st person.

Playing mostly in 1st person i love to be able to see my feet.

This mod together with CFPAO makes playing 1st person so much better.

Only played for a few hours with them so far,so there might be bugs i have not yet discovered.

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8 hours ago, Kattmandu said:

Is the patch collection needed?  It says it covers Vanilla Skyrim and Dawnguard.

Had not seen this. On the mods forum i found the "vanilla" patch is rather a fix. Also i think they have to do with vampire and wherewolf-form. 

"the vanilla patch fixes the animations so your hands are bound in front of you when you look down rather then at your sides"


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Major update on Nexus including support for latest game version.

  • Version 1.1.0b1

    • Added bOverrideVanillaArmsOnMovement by Kruziikrel13
    • Added bEnableThirdPersonTorchBlock as requested.
    • Fixed left arm issue with magic using third person arm when equipped with a weapon in the right.
    • Removed fControllerBufferDepth3rd this was the main culprit for animations getting stuck workbench, etc. Handled internally to adhere to 0.14 value.
    • Update imgui to 1.89.9 and fixed a crash issue which is present in previous builds.
    • Removed bQuickLightLighting due to not working as intended and causing more problems than it is worth.
    • Added official support for latest SkyrimSE v1.6.1130.
    • Fixed Paragliding, now is enforced into third person with fake first person support.
    • Fixed Camera acting oddly, visible body when looking down.
    • Removed fSwitchPOVDetectDistance.
    • Fixed Third Person Arms toggle so all third person options underneath are disabled.
    • Updated OpenSans font.
    • Added FontAwesome v6 font. Prettifies the menu.
    • Various issues with vendor modules not playing nicely with latest Visual Studio 2022.
    • CommonLibSSE-NG is pretty much up to date, Improved Camera v1.0.5 and below were using from Nov 2022 (I think it was).
    • Additional libraries are now submodules.
    • Kruziikrel13 has been also working on github related things which will transfer over to the public repo in due course.
    • CMake, premake and vcpkg will be sorted out for the project(s). Currently VS2022 only.
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