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Recommendation for perks mod?

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Hey guys! Ive finished intalling all my mods and for now it's working great ( almost extreme step with around 20 mods I've add for gameplay and immersion) 

Everything is almost perfect except the perk system which I found not really appealing and rewarding. Could someone share his experience with a good perk mod that I could use as a final mod and that would be compatible with Step? Ive seen Skyre (way to much trouble for me) SPERG, and couple other perk mods. What would you guys recommend to use in synergy with the step philosophy? 


After that I could finally start a new game and finally enjoy the game hehe :)


thanks a lot!

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Here are a few mods that I think alter the perk trees in a decent way without getting too far from vanilla:


- SkyRealism Perk Trees

- ACE (Armor & Enchanting modules)

- Treebalance series by sushisquid

- Stealth Skills Rebalanced (this is my mod, so I'm biased toward it for the sneak, lockpicking, and pickpocket trees. However, I haven't separated out the perk trees, so if you aren't looking for changes to stealth gameplay this one probably isn't for you).

- Smithing Perks Overhaul (the new version, since the original is out dated)

- Path of Shadows (alchemy module)

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I've been using the following that change the perk trees:

  • Stealth Skills Rebalanced (Sneak, Lockpicking, and Pickpocket trees (I don't actually care much about Pickpocket tree since I'm not a thief character))
  • ACE (I use the ACE modules that change light armor, heavy armor, one handed weapons, two handed weapons, smithing, enchanting)
  • Mighty Magic (I use almost all the esp files; it changes the novice perk in all magic schools)
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Thanks a lot for the suggestions guys it's really appreciated. What a great community. Also nice to meet a mod author :)

Ok so lets say I've installed the majority of step mods + the following list (mods that a lot of users usually install )


- Immersive Armor - Immersive Weapons

- Frostfall - Wet and Cold

- Expanded towns and cities - Limbwood manor

- Duel combat Realism - The dance of death

- Subliminal Traps - Cloaks of Skyrim

- RLO - Realistic needs and diseases

- Amazing Follower Tweaks - BFT Carriages and ships

- Fantasy music overhaul


Would it be safe to install Stealth Skills Rebalanced (looks fantastic by the way)

+ ACE Archery, ACE Armor, ACE Melee, ACE Realistic Fighting, ACE Magic, ACE Smithing

+ Path of shadows ( alchemy module )


Would all these be compatible and could be use with the new 1.9 patch?

that would be freaking awesome to be honest :)

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