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Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction (by ChaosWWW)


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I feel that this is a personal preference thing. I consider that most likely my weather and lighting mods are not designed for these colors, so things may look slightly off with using it.

I have noticed that while testing the Main version throughout my playthrough, that things seem just a hair over-saturated, especially sunsets. It notably reduces the "fog" that is close to the player in the daytime, and red seem to be slightly too prominent. The color of fire lights seems a little too warm as well.

I feel that the Gloomy preset is probably the nicest version of the mod if you want a less vibrant feel in your game, but notice how at night it seems more vibrant than vanilla even.

Vanilla --> Main --> Original --> Gloomy




Therefore, I'm not recommending this mod for our guide.

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