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Im Talking to You (by RedxYeti)


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Im Talking to You by RedxYeti
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Addresses an issue where NPCs don't realistically react to your activating them to initiate dialogue, and continue to walk off on their merry way. This results in a surreal dialogue where you find yourself conversing with thin air while the NPC has walked off screen.

I'm sure you've encountered this situation before. This is more disturbing in first person, and exacerbated by using mods that give NPCs more elaborate AI packages, such as AI Overhaul.

With this mod, the NPCs will promptly stop, and attempt to get close to you if they can find a path, if not they'll stay where they are. They'll also turn to face you.

It's script-based. There is a single, very simple script that kicks in when the dialogue menu opens and stops when the dialogue menu closes. Most of the scripting is done efficiently via SKSE scripting functions, although the mod itself is not an SKSE plugin.

Previous versions used several Papyrus scripts and had an issue where NPCs would perform a 360 degrees spin when turning to face you. This was funny but weird.

The new simplified and optimized version fixes those issues so I can recommend it without reservation.

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