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High Poly Vanilla Weapons (by mluppov)


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Vanilla > Fallout 4 HD Overhaul > All Weapons HD > Fallout HD Overhaul + All Weapons HD + High Poly Vanilla Weapons

Vanilla-1.jpg F4-HDO-Weapons-1.jpg AW-1.jpg HPW-1.jpg
Vanilla-2.jpg F4-HDO-Weapons-2.jpg AW-2.jpgHPW-2.jpg
Vanilla-3.jpg F4-HDO-Weapons-3.jpg AW-3.jpg HPW-3.jpg
Vanilla-4.jpg F4-HDO-Weapons-4.jpg AW-4.jpg HPW-4.jpg
Vanilla-5.jpg F4-HDO-Weapons-5.jpg AW-5.jpgHPW-5.jpg
Vanilla-6.jpg F4-HDO-Weapons-6.jpg AW-6.jpgHPW-6.jpg

Definitely an improvement. The Fat Man holes are no longer squares. Rounded objects are better rounded. The extra lights on the Alien Blaster are a very nice touch. Accepted for 1.0.0.

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