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EzEs -Remove 3D Map Camera Limits


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For a long time it has bothered me that I can't see any terrain details of the islands north of Winterhold or the mountainous areas north of Solitude. The updated version of EzEs -Remove 3D Map Camera Limits mod removes much of these limitations and I can finally see these details, as well as being able to zoom into higher detail views everywhere on the map. I use it with the STEP mods "A Quality Map Installer" and "High Quality 3D Map".


Setting up proper Skyrim.ini parameters for maps is important but a little tricky since some of the recommendations are outdated or don't work with some mods. STEP doesn't currently have recommendations for these parameters. The ones in the mod description page are largely similar to those mentioned in "A Quality Map Installer" and in FireHawkX's Improved 3D World Map and other skyrim ini tweaks  and are generally good. My suggestions are to use these but:

  • as mentioned in the description, the two LOD parameter settings often don't work with some mods and I don't use them
  • although the first 3 parameters are default in Skyrim it's a good idea to at least add the minheight parameter since it is much smaller than the recommendations from other mods (this mod does support very low minimum height as shown in the videos on the description page)
  • the speed-related parameters give very slow scrolling for me and I use the much higher values for these recommended by FireHawkX
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