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6 hours ago, mgregoryd75 said:

i have been having trouble with my skyrim mod list and the person helping me told me I should post my lootdebug log here.  I am not computer literate so I'm not very certain what this is for but was told to wait for an answer.  So thanks


This looks like a LOOT and environment configuration issue. It could also relate to your mod list. Rather than troubleshoot your specific issue, I think its best to point you to out System Setup Guide, especially if you are new to modding. Use this to configure your modding environment and install LOOT. This setup also assumes that you will use Mod Organizer, but you can also use Vortex, which is fairly similar to MO, IMO.

This will provide basic instructions on where/how to install modding tools, prelaunching the game, and getting your environment set up. You should also consider using BethINI to get ahead of any INI configuration problems. The guide I linked includes installation of that, and this section of our dev guide goes through how to configure it.

Once you have your environment configured properly, your issue will probably be either resolved or the potential causes will be narrowed down quite a bit.

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