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FOSE steam start problem


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I'm guessing you are saying Fallout3Launcher runs every time you attempt to run fose_loader.exe? You should first run Fallout3Launcher from Windows so it can create the INI files and registry settings. You should then run Fallout3 from Windows to see if you get to the game menu. If you get back to the launcher again, it generally means something is preventing the launcher from doing its thing. The first place to look is your antivirus software since some of these are way overly aggressive and block games from writing to the Documents folder. You might try adding an exception for Fallout3.exe and Fallout3Launcher.exe to see if this solves the issue. OneDrive has also caused conflicts in the past that prevented Fallout3Launcher from writing or accessing the INI files, but I don't know if this is still a potential issue since I've never used OneDrive.

Once Fallout3 can get to the game menu, try running fose_loader from Windows to see if it can get to the game menu. If you end up in the launcher, try adding an exception for fose_loader.exe to see if this solves the issue. You might also right click on fose_loader.exe from File Explorer and click Properties to see if it's blocked. If you see an unblock button or checkbox, click it and click OK to unblock it and try again.

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