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Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Brows


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I think the quality is so much superior to any other brows that we don't have much to discuss about it.

Only think I don't like now is hairs, where on earth we gonna find fine hairs to match these awesome beards and brows?

Wait, maybe Hvergelmir will make some for us x)

There's no reason to even indirectly ask for it. That has already been covered in the mod description of Beards and Brows that I intend to also do hair textures at one point.


I'd like some opinions on whether or not Brows would be a note worthy entry for next version of STEP, and if too late, the one after it.

There would be a strong urge to use a solution that combines several related enhancements to a similar standard. If your hair mods are better than the existing (which are really not that good IMO), then I would advocate using all in STEP. Our release schedule is about to ramp up significantly, so new recommendations will hit the guide relatively quickly.


EDIT: ENB should not be used for any kind of screenshot compare, but AA and AF are IMPERATIVE and no screenshot should ever be without some form of AA/AF IMO

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