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Alt Navetsea UNP Seamless (by Alt3rn1ty)


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Alt Navetsea UNP Seamless

Download at ...


Skyrim Nexus


Dark Creations



News : There is now also a new version that has been converted to Skyrim SE, its meshes have been converted and textures redone in BC7 format, the new SE version now also includes all of Shiva182's UNP Body compatible Armour and Clothing meshes, with sets for UNP / B2 or Skinny meshes, all included in the installer. New Skyrim SE version is on this Nexus pageUnfortunately none of that can be back ported to Skyrim LE



I dont know if you guys will be interested in this, but imho its rather good :)

Nude female body replacer, Installs with NMM scripted, or Wrye Bash wizard

Matched Body and head normals better
Matched Body and head diffuse better

Optionally install UNP 3rd person hands as 1st person hands ( I didn't like the fudge fingers less feminine Better Hands idea, but it occured to me you could do the reverse using UNP 3rd person hands )

UNP meshes have been edited from their originals ..

Something you more technical bunch may be interested in


Also edited the UNP body meshes, all body mods out there ( and the vanilla body meshes ), do not have "Has Normals" set in the meshes. The body meshes use world space normal maps, so that flag in the .nif should be set to "no" along with the NumUV sets to 1.


Brokefoot asked me this ..


It's strange to me, as an armor modder, because all skinned meshes must have "NumUV Sets at 4097" (and updated tangent spaces) or bogus shadows, false clipping and hard edges will spoil the fun. Also, what did you notice after changing the "Has Normals" from Yes to No ? How do the world space normals affect the body meshes over them having their own normals ? I read this forum page about the topic: https://www.polycount.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-101157.html


I am fairly new to mesh editing, but took advice from Lorelai on BGS forum ..


"Skinned" as in "rigged to the skeleton" meshes that are not flesh (human skin in game) always have to have the UV sets to 4097 and normals on. That's how it works yes. Because they use tangent space normal maps. So you are right about armors and other stuff. Difference between a tangent space map and an object space map https://i.imgur.com/I3Hzq2m.jpg

Skin as in "body, flesh" meshes for Skyrim use object space normal maps and there is no point to set the has normals to yes. It can cause seams if the hand meshes are set for object space and body for tangent but still use object space normals. And they do, all the normal maps for body meshes in Skyrim use Object space normals.

To explain how the different types of normal maps work would take too long to write. Here is a link that sums it up very nicely: https://www.pixologic.com/docs/index.php/Understanding_Normal_Maps

Specifically go to the section named "Normal Maps in Tangent and Object Space"

I don't know why Beth choose to use Object space normal maps for a moving/deforming mesh, but that's what they use, so the mesh has to be set-up accordingly.

Here is a link showing the Vanilla female body in Nifskope and showing at what NiTriShape you should look: https://i.imgur.com/7JDjyzm.jpg


And of course being Navetseas textures re-worked, they are less glam than UNP or CBBE, for those of us who like a bit more closer vanilla textures, but just nude without bethsofts diapers on.

Coming from me, you know it just has to have more resolution options than the original. Though not optimal, this was made for the screenshot crowd with uncompressed normals for example to avoid artifacting. And a higher res version than the original Navetsea textures.

V5 is I believe just about the last version I may do. Requests are unlikely. Next project is setting to work on Vanilla Reduced Textures - for Dragonborn

Edited by alt3rn1ty
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I had one user had great success using UNPB BBPx v2.2


Though for Player Character I believe he said one of the extremes of the body slider using those meshes with these textures could make a seam which was obviously a mesh mismatch problem between head and body ..


I dont know for sure, I have never used anything BBBB BBBBB :)


But he gave me a screenshot to throw up in the images on Nexus of the successfull character he is using.


Its easy to install / un-install though and re-install your original mesh / texture combination ( I think, I am not using any special skeleton / animation replacers either so possibly take my comments with a pinch of salt on that score ) ..


.. and I am a dedicated Wrye Bash BAIN user, so throwing these things in / out may be easier for me than some - But this is the S.T.E.P community so you lot should be on average higher calibre in that department :)

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I've been following this mod since it popped up on Dark Creations, but I've long realised that this type of mods aren't for me - I'm not going to undress the characters anyway.


It also changes face/skin texture showing through armor as well... not just while naked.

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I've never gone in for the "Vampires Wear Suspenders & No Knickers" type mods - for someone spending an inordinate amount of time tweaking a CRPG, this has always seemed a step too far! That said, a mod that provides an accurate model of human bodies seems a reasonable inclusion for STEP. But, looking at this mod, I wonder where they get those harsh brazilians in Tamriel - candle wax?

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I've never gone in for the "Vampires Wear Suspenders & No Knickers" type mods - for someone spending an inordinate amount of time tweaking a CRPG' date=' this has always seemed a step too far! That said, a mod that provides an accurate model of human bodies seems a reasonable inclusion for STEP. But, looking at this mod, I wonder where they get those harsh brazilians in Tamriel - candle wax?

Eorlund Gray-Mane has a sideline for the ladies, that Skyforge steel has more beneficial qualities than is publicly discussed.


Good for those "Is that hair coming out of your ears?" moments too :) ( hence why he is rather close to the companions )


( I know, making up lore as I go along here )


Personally I dont go for the skimpy stuff, but I just cant imagine underwear being a priority clothing concern in a barbaric world either .. To me the diapers are just a non-adult title thing to get more potential customer sales in our world, and I feel they are out of place. More native, less stinky ( and less likely to attract wolves from a few miles further afield downwind )


Thats my immersive excuse anyway, and sticking to it.

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:lol: Sounds lore-friendly!


But seriously, I agree that good quality body replacements seem reasonable.  I'm sure you're right about the diapers - just a weird symptom of our "The younglings may have as much torture and dismemberment as they like, but NEVER the lady-parts" culture.

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And with the good quality body replacement .. I have an advertisement.


Reference that conversation I had with Brokefoot, he has been asking around for anyone with the skill to re-do UNP body meshes, particularly BSDismemberment Partitions .. < scrambles around for the relevant info > ..


Post is circa here https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/727665-brokefoot-unp-mashup-compilation/page__view__findpost__p__7132879

( I say circa because a few bans later and the topic post number will shift )

the UNP body has NEVER had proper BSDismemberment partitions for polys in the calf and forearm areas. This has been from day one of Dimon's release and still exists with his latest version. All other major body types (including vanilla), do not suffer from this problem. So, a mod author might decide to 'grow out' meshes that cover the calf/forearm to compensate for the faulty BSDismemberment partitions of the UNP body. Note, that I don't grow them out. Boots and skirt meshes are a motherb-tch to get right. What is BSDismemberment ? Well, its a way for the game to pick which faces of one mesh get rendered instead of another. These faces must be assigned within each NiTriShape. If not, or if done incorrectly - clipping occurs. So for a body mesh to not have proper BSDismemberment, and then an equipped mesh (like boots) to say "hey I want to override that area" - well, the equipped mesh can't do it's thing because the body mesh doesn't have the right assignments. You dig ? Just look at this

Posted Image

Notice the left side ? That's the UNP mesh, Notice the right side ? That's the vanilla mesh. The highlighted areas show the partitioned faces. Why isn't there a third for the UNP ? It doesn't exist. And furthermore, both partitions of the UNP mesh are each assigned to the body slot. Not like the vanilla mesh where each appropriate partition gets a new slot (calves, forearms). ;) Why didn't anyone ever fix this issue ? It's really, really difficult to properly alter a working body mesh. You can't just import the _0 and _1 nifs and change up the partitions. It'll crash 3ds because these particular meshes need a smooth modifier. Once you smooth one nif, you have to work from that mesh to CREATE the other nif (bodyslide support). Also, Squall Leonhart, to your inquiry about the What to Wear mod... Yes, I realize the upper body meshes contain altered versions of the UNP body. This has always been, since the original meshes utilized that 'slimming' technique in the breast area. Way back in March or April of 2012 (when I put together my first mod), I had chosen the bras/torso meshes as the body slot so this would never be an issue. Well along came master mesh guru Nightasy - making perfect upper body meshes that DIDN"T alter the underlying UNP polys. Its the 'right' way to do it, how he goes about. But I also understand the artistic and 'realistic' approach the original mesh authors used for altering the upper UNP body. I mean, it does help give the impression that the clothing or armor in that region is fitted and snug. Anyway, sorry for the long response. You guys caught me in my tech mood. I've been spending hours learning how to bake AO's in 3ds. Tricky business, I tell you !

This needs someone with experience ( and the software, Max ) to resolve the problem.


I am still getting my head around NifSkope to do the simple edits. Correcting the Has Normals is about as advanced as I have got on the mesh front.


So if you know any bored CG wizards, poke 'em towards this post :)


In game for us users its not a problem, its just a pig to compensate for armour / clothing creators.

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Oh wait, only the meshes ?, no, the bigger description is on the mods page linked in post #1, the main reason for this mod is to solve head body mismatches with the textures too, no matter which combination of Navetseas textures you choose, normal maps and diffuse textures ( colour maps ), you get a better neck than just trying to throw the original bunch of options together. And those are all included in the installer.

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