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AI Overhaul SSE (by mnikjom/SpiderAkiraC)


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11 hours ago, Kattmandu said:

I'm going through all my mods while waiting for the mods to be updated to work with .640 and noticed AI Overhaul SSE was updated 20 days ago to include a non-scripted version and an ESL lite version.

Those were added in 1.8 I think in early-mid Aug, and we have opted for the scripted version as indicated in the wiki instructions

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Mod updated on Nexus. Changelog:

  • Version 1.8.4

    • AI Overhaul Main (AE/SE/Scripted):
    • Forward USSEP changes
    • Added AIOWinterholdMagicAlt package to Onmund (avoids hitting other NPCs)
    • Avulstien Grey-Mane will now avoid Battleborn NPCs
    • Updated J'zargo's practice package data
    • Updated and Optimized AIO package data
    • Fixed Danica getting stuck in water way
    • Fixed NPCs with wood stuck to arms after stoking fires
    • Lite Changelog:
    • Added Captian Aldis to Combat Exclusion list
    • Added Roggvir and Svari to Combat Exclusion list
    • Added Roggvir and Captian Aldis to Weather Exclusion list
    • Added Calixto to Combat and Weather Exclusion list
    • Removed AIOFleeCreaturesOnly (Never in use)
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