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ClamsDropPearls (by Corepc)


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So, i don't see any discussion on this mod, but I have to ask: considering STEP's concentration on true-to-vanilla-upgrades and realism enhancers, why is this mod recommended?  It's neither true-to-vanilla nor particularly realistic.  While it is true that clams do sometimes form pearls, they do not form the same type of pearls that oysters do, and they are arguably not of the same quality (depends on who you ask, naturally).  Basically, i don't see any point in it besides perhaps increasing the availability of pearls for gathering, which isn't particularly useful either.  Someone help me understand this one, please, especially since it's considered a core mod.

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There's a few reasons. One being that pearls exist in the game but are not harvestable. However, Dragonborn added "Pearl Oysters" along the shores of Solstheim, which pearls could be harvested from. This mod expands that concept to the shores of Skyrim using clams. That's why it's included. As to you're point about it being Core, it's a good point. I don't see any reason this should be Core. I'll move it to Extended for STEP 3.0 release.

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