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HD Ore And Ingots (by BioProd)


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There are no conflicts that will affect your game in a negative way, but some mods provide better textures that the others and that is the exact reason they are installed in a particular order in the guide - and these are the "conflicts" in the STEP guide.


In this case this mod provides more textures than the Super Realistic Ore one, hence it's installed FIRST to provide the relevant textures, but since ore textures are better in the other mod, it is being installed AFTER this mod, so that you get the best of both mods.


That is exactly why our mod testers spend a lot of time comparing different mods before inclusion into the guide.

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Never trust Nexus screens :D


Too many times I've seen very poor shots, where the stuff in game looked completely different. This will depend on the ENB you use and other mods. The mod authors tend to (and for the love of me I was never able to figure out WHY) take their screens in poorly lit areas, in complete darkness or using some weird ENB presets that do not reflect what you get in your own game.


Again, this is another reason why STEP team tests all the mods before inclusion.

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I wish normal users uploaded more screenshots then.

Just look at this:

HD Ore And Ingots:

Posted Image


Super Realistic Ore:

Posted Image


What in the holy f is the fuzzy thing in the 2nd picture?! That's like a screenshot taken in motion with 1% jpg quality or something. How am I supposed to choose based on that?

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