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INI Tweak Guide - Fallout INI



There is a section that looks a bit out of place, so I thought I'd try to clean it up by going to the editing page. Looking at the editing page, it seems that there are quite a few settings that are hidden. Most are settings for DarNified. There is a section above that says that none of them needed (due to UIO).


There is also a [RenderedTerminal] setting that is hidden: fRenderedTerminalZoom=33

Is that also handled by UIO? Or hidden for some other reason? Or is it accidentally hidden and maybe I should actually include it?


thanks in advance!

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The values that are hidden are intentionally hidden so users won't see them. They are left in the guide in case there are changes that would allow or require using these settings. The changes for DarnUI fonts are not needed if UIO is used; it takes care of this. The Rendered Terminal settings changes cause problems with some mods; you can search in the CPD thread posts and find the details of these problems.

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These are the settings I have for [Fonts] and [RenderedTerminal]. I don't know the definitive answer, but I think it's safe to say that if the default value for fRenderedTerminalZoom is 33, BethINI may have removed it because it's redundant. The actual value used may also depend on your screen resolution and your preferences. You can discover the default setting by leaving fRenderedTerminalZoom out of fallout.ini, starting a new game, and entering this into the console:

getini "fRenderedTerminalZoom:RenderedTerminal"




EDIT: Take the RenderedTerminal section with a grain of salt. I just remembered I customized the colors so I can see the markers on the map so the colors above may not be the defaults.

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i wasn't referring to BethINI in this post, just referring to Kelmych's INI tweak guide and the edit page of said guide


your value for fRenderedTerminalZoom is the same as mine = 36

I tried to do some research on the setting but didn't come up with much other than people who have ultra wide screens like to increase the value drastically (like 75 and 88).

so i guess i'll just leave it as it is. it is probably hidden (left out) for a reason.


thanks Greg!

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