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Installed MO2, MO 1 stopped loading mods for FNV



Today I decided to start migrating to MO 2. This will take me a while, as I do not have the time to do it in one go.


I started out by installing MO 2 and configuring my 3-rd party apps to work with it. I did an "instance" install (i.e. MO 2 outside my FNV folder) and designated a base folder for mods outside FNV as well (something like E:\Storage\Utilities\MO 2 FNV Mods).


I then went back to MO 1 (installed in ...\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Fallout New vegas\MO) and tried to run the game by choosing Fallout.exe from the dropdown menu. All plugins are visible, as always, on the right pane and ticked. The game started as vanilla - no NVSE, no UI mods, not even the MC texture pack, nothing! I even think that the .ini edits (the one that skips the starting screens, at least) are gone!


Now I believe that MO 2 has somehow been "selected" as the default FNV mod manager, but I cannot verify it, as I have not migrated any mods yet, but I am reluctant to proceed to that step without knowing that I have a fallback option. And because I'm an idiot, I forgot to set up a restore point prior to installing MO 2.


My desperate plea is therefore as follows:

1. How can I restore MO 1 to working order (loading all my mods once again)?

2. Is there a way to use MO 1 and MO 2 independently for the time I need to convince myself MO 2 is fully operational?


Please, help!

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The ONLY way MO2 will have any impact on your MO1 install is if you told MO2 to use the exact same profile(s) as used by MO1.

There are no other mechanisms in which either MO can "talk" with each other and possibly mess things up for the other. There are no registry settings or anything system wide that either tool uses that may have become mixed up.


All of the settings that determine what MO (1 or 2) does with your mods are just text files stored in the folders in your MO profiles folder.

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The culprit was found by backtracking! It was MSVC 2017 that I installed yesterday prior to MO 2 (it is required by MO 2). Apparantly that installation was faulty and it crashed both instances of MO. All I had to do was "repair" install MSVC 2017, restart my PC again and everything was back on track.

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