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Mod Orgnizer is discontinued, how to migrate to Mod Organizer 2?

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Hi guys, 


first I thought it's a good idea to clarify for all the people that are just starting out to follow the F&L guide that as of 09.05.2018 MO is no longer able to download mods directly from Nexus. It is to be replaced by MO2, so new users are advised to start out by installing MO2 outright, ignoring what the guide says (it's support is discontinued anyway).


People who already have followed F&L should migrate to MO2 in order to keep with the latest mod versions. And here is my question: can anyone provide a guide how to do it? Can I migrate my Mods folder, load order and saved profiles with minimal effort? How can I modify my other executables (Wrye Bash, Xedit, etc.) to start in MO2? Do the command line for that change?

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Functionally MO2 is identical to MO1 as far as setting up your F&LNV install.


You can simply copy the profiles, mods and, if you want, downloads folders from MO1 to MO2.

Setting up the executables is exactly the same.

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