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Cande Vahta fey Athel - "The Vaults"

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"Cande Vahta fey Athel" in Aldmeris means "The Secret Vaults in the Sky". "The Vaults", for short, is a mod I am developing for Skyrim, which is in the very early stages.

"The Vaults" will be a storehouse for most of the unique weapons found in Skyrim, much like Jaggarsfeld's trophy hall (a player home mod), but with expanded storage, less bugs, and other unique features. Unlike Jaggarsfeld, the mod will work completely independent of any house mods, but will contain assets designed for mod authors to quickly and easily include The Vaults within their own mods; both in a grand way or very subtly. However, players who don't have a player home with this integrated will still be able to use the mod on its own by following a quest to find Cande Vahta fey Athel.

For now this will be a placeholder and developmental topic.


Development Document

Dev Shots


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