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Machienzo Merged causing Bashed Patch to fail



During the first 30 seconds of the build it stops and reports this.

Loading: 01009253..NVDLC04ArmorDusterCourier..ARMO.BMDT..5..
Error in Machienzo Merged Mods.esp
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "bash\basher.pyo", line 6358, in Execute
  File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 22837, in initData
  File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 25310, in initData
  File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 8837, in load
  File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 7724, in load
  File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 7829, in loadData
  File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 2116, in __init__
  File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 1655, in initRecord
  File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 1895, in __init__
  File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 1963, in load
  File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 2125, in loadData
  File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 1685, in loadData
  File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 1188, in loadData
  File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 618, in unpack
struct.error: unpack requires a string argument of length 8

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