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eXcalibr Ammo Pack installation question



Sorry for been a bit thick but can someone please check I'm installing this right (at a critical stage I believe with weapons  section I'm told)


1. Using M O  - I install   "eXcalibr_Ammo_Pack_v2-3_Full_FOMOD"  (main file)


2. Merge "Weapons patch for 20th Century Weapons"  over main file.


​After patch has merged I get the following in the "available ESPs" 

​ 1 - xCALIBR.esm

 2 - xCALIBR_20CW_v5.12 esp 


​Before merging the patch I just see xCALIBR.esm


​Guide says move "CALIBR.ESM"  into the optional ESPs box,  - note the no "X"  


​Which one do I move ?


I'm using the patch form the same site as where I get eXcalibr_Ammo_Pack_v2-3_Full_FOMOD file.

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The way I read this is that this applies only if you are using the external fomod installer. (You have to go into Mod Organizer's settings to enable the external fomod installer.) If you're using the internal fomod installer (this is the default if you haven't changed the plugin settings), CALIBR.esm is not installed because it already exists in FWE - FO3 Wanderers Edition.


I think you need to install the "Weapons patch for 20th Century Weapons" either way.

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