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oHud and the case of the missing 713th line

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Sorry if this has come up recently; if so I missed on my admittedly quick scan of the recent threads.


The F&L instructions tell you to comment out line 713 in OneHUD's \menus\main\hud_main_menu.xml file. Accordingly, I installed OneHUD and  proceeded to open the relevant file up in NP++, eager to preform a little .xml-ectomy. Whereupon I discovered that the last line of my /hud_main_menu.xml is no. 689 and that it reads </menu>


I'm pretty sure that I'm not supposed to break the entire file with a massive unclosed tag error. So what am I attempting to accomplish? Is there a specific line I'm looking for?

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Take this with a grain of salt, but I assumed this should line 667 since this line is invalid XML. This is in the CNDArrowsWrap rect element at the bottom of the file:


 All of the other systemcolor elements have &hudmain; as the value, although I don't if this one should be as well so I just commented it out:

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