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In the F&L guide, are all links required to click on?


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Most of the links are either to the Nexus page for the selected mod or to a online storage site like DropBox or similar. There are very few links to outside sources so I doubt it would take weeks to follow those.


Having said that you should become thoroughly acquainted with all the methods described herein so if that takes some time now, that's better than trying to get something done later and not knowing how.

"Less haste, more speed."

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Noted, I am mostly adressing the beginning part of the guide (as far as i've gotten so far) as there are about five-ish links that suggest reading guides about each plugin that in some cases are about as long as the fear and loathing guide itself, and the video guides linked, suggesting to watch in total about 10 more playlists of other videos that are up to an hour for some videos; it's very overwhelming so it would be nice if I can skip any redundant or otherwise unnessasary videos; especially since many video links are right next to links seeming to explain the same things early on in the guide.

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If you're referring to the video tutorials on how to use MO or how to install New Vegas, then no, if you are familiar with that there is no need to watch those.


All extra guide links are there ONLY to assist users that are completely new to those concepts, if you know how to do the task then you can safely skip them.

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