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[Mator Smash] Fallout 4 issue.



I have recently settled on my load order and mods to use for Fallout 4. After starting the game up, going through the motions in the beginning of the game, I run into an issue where Dogmeat won't follow me after I first encounter him. I get a message on the top left saying "[...] is now a companion".


I've managed to nail down my issue being something added or changed by a built Smashed Patch, because of some testing done.

  • With all .esp files enabled along with no Smashed patch, Dogmeat follows me.
  • With some .esp files merged and a Smashed patch .esp running, Dogmeat stays sandboxed to Red Rocket and will not follow me.

I have provided as extra my:

I am using Mod Organizer 2.1.1

I am using Mator Smash

Does anyone have any advice or help for my issue?

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