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Fallout 3 NVidia Inspector Settings?

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The basic summary is that I want to know what kind of consensus there is - if any - on what NVidia Inspector settings are vital to make sure the steps outlined in Kelmych's wonderful guide pay off.  I run Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium and use a GeForce GTX 1070 (single card and gpu, single monitor).   I am not using an ENB (at this time) although I am thinking about it.  I will be using lighting mods, though the larger environmental lighting/weather mod I am really unsure of (I've been thinking DC Moods, but dunno).  Where needed, I can put up a list of all the mods I intend to use.
When I look into specific video card settings on STEP for NVidia and NVidia Inspectorl, I don't feel like I have a firm grasp on recommended values beyond a few definites.  By example:
Ambient Occlusion compatibility: “0x00000005 (Call of Duty: World at War)â€
Antialiasing compatibility: “0x000010C1â€
These are confirmed on the Guru3D forums thanks to the 'NVidia Compatibility Bits Master Thread and IQ Guide' by GuruKnight, and a few other sources I cannot remember currently.
I only use a single card and GPU (GeForce GTX 1070) so I don't worry about SLI and leave those areas at their default values; for the machine I'll be playing on, there is only one monitor, so naturally "Single display performance mode" is what makes sense there.  Other things like this make sense, but there are *so* many settings that I am really not sure of.  When it comes to making sure the steps in 'Clear and Present Danger' pay off (ini settings and all), I am a little lost on what to choose.  I've got a profile currently set up, but I'm certainly not using it until I've done a bit more research.  If anyone needs more information, please ask.  I'm throwing out the current profile simply as a point of reference, below:





1 – Compatibility
Ambient Occlusion compatibility: “0x00000005 (Call of Duty: World at War)â€
Antialiasing compatibility: “0x000010C1â€
Antialiasing compatibility (DX1x): “0x00000000â€
Antialiasing fix: “Offâ€
SLI compatibility bits: “0x42800005 (Fallout - New Vegas, Fallout 3)â€
SLI compatibility bits (DX10 + DX11): “0x00000000â€
SLI compatibility bits (DX12): “0x00000000â€
2 – Sync and Refresh
Frame Rate Limiter: “Offâ€
GSYNC – Application Mode: “Offâ€
GSYNC – Application Requested State: “Allowâ€
GSYNC – Application State: “Ultra Low Motion Blurâ€
GSYNC – Global Feature:  â€œOffâ€
GSYNC – Global Mode: “Offâ€
GSYNC – Indicator Overlay: “Offâ€
Maximum pre-rendered frames: “Use the 3D application settingâ€
Preferred Refreshrate: “Highest availableâ€
Triple buffering: “Offâ€
Vertical Sync: “Use the 3D application settingâ€
Vertical Sync Smooth AFR behavior: “Offâ€
Vertical Sync Tear Control: “Standardâ€
3 – Antialiasing
Antialiasing – Behavior Flags: “Noneâ€
Antialiasing – Gamma correction: “Onâ€
Antialiasing – Line gamma: “Defaultâ€
Antialiasing – Mode: “Override any application settingâ€
Antialiasing – Setting: “4x [4x Multisampling]â€
Antialiasing – Transparency Multisampling: “Disabledâ€
Antialiasing – Transparency Supersampling: “4x Sparse Grid Supersamplingâ€
Enable Maxwell sample interleaving (MFAA): “Offâ€
NVIDIA Predefined FXAA Usage: “Allowedâ€
Toggle FXAA Indicator on or off: “Offâ€
Toggle FXAA on or off: “Offâ€
4 – Texture Filtering
Anisotropic filtering mode: “Application-controlledâ€
Anisotropic filtering setting: “16xâ€
Prevent Anisotropic filtering: “Offâ€
Texture filtering – Anisotropic filter optimization: “Offâ€
Texture filtering – Anisotropic sample optimization: “Offâ€
Texture filtering – Driver Controlled LOD Bias: “Onâ€
Texture filtering – LOD Bias (DX): “-1.0000â€
Texture filtering – LOD BIAS (OGL): “+0.0000â€
Texture filtering – Negative LOD Bias: “Allowâ€
Texture filtering – Quality: “High qualityâ€
Texture filtering – Triliniar optimization: “Offâ€
5 – Common
Ambient Occlusion setting: “High qualityâ€
Ambient Occlusion usage: “Enabledâ€
Extension limit: “Offâ€
Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration: “Single display performance modeâ€
OpenGL – Version Override: “Disabledâ€
Power management mode: “Prefer maximum performanceâ€
Shadercache: “Offâ€
Show PhysX Visual Indicator: “Offâ€
Threaded optimization: “Autoâ€



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