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Which version of Unofficial Patch Plus?

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So i've been following the guide to the letter, and i'm at the "Unofficial Patch Plus"


" Unofficial Patch Plus

  • Author: PushTheWinButton and others
  • Version: v1.38
  • Installation: Install both the main file and the optional file. When installing the optional file, select [Merge], not [Replace]. "

What is the "Optional" file mentioned? i don't get an option to to [Merge] or [Replace]


I noticed the version numbers don't match up. 1.38 is not available on the nexus.

Current version is 1.50 with 3 additional compability patches marked 1.46


So should i go ahead with the Unofficial Patch Plus 1.50, and perhaps Unofficial Patch Plus - Project Nevada Patch?



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Just use the current version on Nexus.


Sadly the F&L guide is not up-to-date at this state.

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