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exclamation marks



I've followed the F&L guide to a T, or at least I think I did, yet I'm getting a bunch of exclamation marks which AFAIK denote missing meshes.


This one is supposed to be a land mine:



This one I'm not sure, maybe a wrench or something:



When in combat and things start dying I get a lot of them, but they disappear very quickly so it's hard to get a proper screenshot. I think it's flying gibs or blood spatters:



It's not exclamation marks, but flames are causing issues as well:



I'd be extremely thankful if you could help me sort this out.

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If you press tilde to get into console you'll click on the funny triangle a refid will show. The first two digits of it is the mod number in your Plugin list I think. That might help you to pinpoint what mods need attention.

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