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Pink Hands and Fingers

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First off, thanks for the great mod list - it's really made me want to get back into this game.


Having installed most of the STEP installation (besides a few companion and quest mods) I only have one glaring problem that I can't seem to figure out: custom skins from FCO show missing textures for any armor that has gloves (pink fingers).


This happens for both male and female, new game or not. It also happens when the character has no armor on (entire hand goes pink). Both the ghoul and raider races have this problem, while half-ghoul is fine - assuming because it uses vanilla hand textures. Whether I use vanilla armors or armors from the Spice of Life mod makes no difference. I have also tried running my game in 800x600, and again, no change.


I've checked the texture folders and they all seem to have the .dds files in place. Disabling the Biped list on an armor to remove the gloves is an okay workaround, but I'd rather not lose gloves entirely. Using nifSkope, I checked to ensure the gloves were pointing to the correct texture folders and they all go to \textures\characters\male\HandMale.dds (as well as _n and _sk files). For some reason the gloves just can't seem to find the custom race textures.


At this point I'm thinking it is either:

a) A mod conflict

b) Possible issues with the lighting on gloves? (No idea, I'm just not very confident in my ILO install and know nothing about lighting on 3D models)

c) Some sort of problem with texture files and/or folder structure


Any suggestions, I would love to hear them - I'm at a loss here. And yes, I've tried archive invalidation.


Mod list is here:

  • FalloutNV.esm
  • DeadMoney.esm
  • HonestHearts.esm
  • OldWorldBlues.esm
  • LonesomeRoad.esm
  • GunRunnersArsenal.esm
  • ClassicPack.esm
  • MercenaryPack.esm
  • TribalPack.esm
  • CaravanPack.esm
  • YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esm
  • Sortomatic.esm
  • Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.esm
  • ELECTRO-CITY - CompletedWorkorders.esm
  • NVInteriors_Core.esm
  • NVInteriors_ComboEdition.esm
  • ELECTRO-CITY - Highways and Byways.esm
  • The New Bison Steve Hotel.esm
  • NVInt_ARoomWithAView.esm
  • Caliber.esm
  • More Perks.esm
  • Afterschool Special.esm
  • SomeguySeries.esm
  • Detect Traps.esm
  • Advanced Recon Tech.esm
  • Project Nevada - Core.esm
  • oHUD.esm
  • Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.esm
  • Project Nevada - Equipment.esm
  • Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp
  • Project Nevada - Cyberware.esp
  • Project Nevada - Extra Options.esm
  • GRARG.esm
  • Interior Lighting Overhaul - L38PS.esm
  • FCOMaster.esm
  • Armor Replacer Child NPC Fix.esp
  • Game Tweaks..esp
  • Vurt's WFO.esp
  • CutContentMerged.esp
  • CASM with MCM.esp
  • Centered 3rd Person Camera.esp
  • Centered 3rd Person Camera - Unraised.esp
  • DarNifiedUINV.esp
  • FPSWeaponWheel.esp
  • JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating.esp
  • JIP Improved Recipe Menu.esp
  • Project Nevada - Rebalance Complete.esp
  • Project Nevada - Cyberware Additions.esp
  • The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
  • The Weapon Mod Menu.esp
  • FlashlightNVSE.esp
  • Roberts_NewVegas.esp
  • Better Burned Man.esp
  • YukiMerge.esp
  • Project Nevada - All DLC.esp
  • EVE FNV - ALL DLC.esp
  • GameplayMods.esp
  • vault22FloralOverhaul.esp
  • WeaponModsExpanded.esp
  • WMX-DLCMerged.esp
  • Project Nevada - WMX.esp
  • YUP-WMX-PN-PNEO Patch.esp
  • Unofficial Patch Plus.esp
  • MiscItemIconsNV.esp
  • RaestlozFactionArmorEnhancement.esp
  • Distributed Necklaces and Chains.esp
  • Alternative Start.esp
  • Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.Store.esp
  • MachienzoMerge.esp
  • EMR-StealthSuitMkII.esp
  • FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting - All DLC.esp
  • ADAM Complete.esp
  • ADAM - MERGE.esp
  • NewVegasBounties.esp
  • NewVegasBountiesII.esp
  • ILOMerged.esp
  • 1nivVSLArmors.esp
  • OWB-Path Lights.esp
  • AdvancedReconMerged.esp
  • DragonskinTacticalOutfit.esp
  • NukaCola-Ojo.esp
  • Holster.esp
  • Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.Leveled.Lists.esp
  • Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.CaliberX4+.Patch.esp
  • WMX-ArenovalisTextures.esp
  • Project Nevada - EVE All DLC.esp
  • Improved Sound FX - WMX - Merged Major DLCs.esp
  • Ragdolls.esp
  • christinecos.esp
  • dD - Enhanced Blood Main NV.esp
  • MojaveExtended60.esp
  • Conelrad 640-1240.esp
  • ImmersivePickupSoundsFNV.esp
  • tmzLODadditions-NVInterriors.esp
  • Unofficial Patch Plus - Project Nevada Patch.esp
  • 1nivPNSLPatch.esp
  • Book of Steel.esp
  • Interior Lighting Overhaul - Ultimate Edition.esp
  • tmzLODadditions.esp
  • FCO - Afterschool Special.esp
  • FCO - NPC Changes.esp
  • FCO - Roberts Patch.esp
  • FCO - The New Bison Steve.esp
  • Bashed Patch, 0.esp


Thanks for the help!

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FCO, while being outstanding when it comes to level of detail, was buggy as sh*t at the time of its 3.01 release. There's a bugfix that might solve your issues:



Download it and install in your FCO mod folder, selecting "Merge files" when asked.


Also, if I remember correctly, the Bashed patch solved many FCO issues for me, but I did that a year ago, so I don't remember correctly.

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