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Various graphical glitches


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Hello, this is my first post on S.T.E.P Forums so do tell me if I did anything wrong.


I bump this topic because I run to a simillar problem, I think it's VRAM related, but I'm not too sure.

When I go successivly  to heavy cells like Camp MCArran some mesh won't load (white exclamation mark in a red losange) and random texture are getting assigned to the remaining meshes, changing when I move the camera.

If I save and relaunch the game everything goes back to normal.

I can't leave Freeside, when I go past the first buildings outside thoses eletricity iron structure disappear and texture weirdness happen. I can't open the menu too.

It is truly a nightmare vision.


My specs are:

i7 6700


16 RAM

Windows 10


I slapped enhanced shaders enb and a few quest mods over F&LINV and Momo lore friendly weapon.

I tried desactivating my enb, but the problem is still here.

I can post my load order if it can help, which options are preferred here?

Thank for reading and making those guides.

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After many try, I fixed it. 

I was thinking it was due to mod imcompatibility so it took me long, but after I while of disabling mod one by one and it not working I became bored and disabled a bunch of mod and it worked.

When my esp cont go past 133 some glitch start to happen and past 135 it just explode.

Now I'm wondering what I can merge for reducing esp number, because it seems that this problem is only linked to that.

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Hello, thank you for your reply.

I knew about the plugin limit, but I was thinking I would be fine as I don't go over 135, but those bugs started to happen at 135 so I was thinking it was due to some mod conflict or to the game graphicals limitations.

To be certain, I now try to hold myself sub 130 plugins, but it become pretty difficult as it goes, because many mod are listed as masters and some are (I think) unmergeable.

That's one of the reason I love the STEP community and those guides, it really help you having a stable base to mod with the least plugin count, allowing you some liberties.

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