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Leaving out a single Step Patch ?



Hello Guys,

first of all, english is not my native language, so I'm sorry for any mistakes i might make.


I know there has been a similar post about this topic but my question couldn't be answered there so I'll ask again.

Is there a way to install the Step Patches one by one, so I can leave out a specific one ? I don't really like the mod "the choice is yours" as I tend to forget about the stuff I hear and read in Skyrim if I don't immediatly go after it. I liked that random things I hear on the streets of Skyrim were added to my Journal, so I could pursue them later.

Sadly it seems like I can only install all the Patches or none, when I use the STEP Compilation (V. installed). Is there a way arround this ?

Is there a list of what patches are included in the STEP Compilation ?


Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I don't really have a solution.


(If that is relevant for whatever reason, I installed the STEP extended Pack + arround 60 mods that I found on the Nexus, and I had a stable Game so far)

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I don't know what ones make up the step patch.  But you could install 'the choice is yours' mod along with everything else (including the step patch).  Then load the step patch plugin in xEdit.  Look at the records that the patch touches upon that are also in the choice is yours plugin.


If there is only one other mod in conflict, simply delete the record entry from the step patch plugin.

If more than one other mod is in conflict, examine each entry on the record and revert any carried over data from the choice is yours plugin to whatever value from the next plugin to the left of the choice is yours plugin.

After you have completed going through the records, clean and sort the masters for the step patch plugin.  The choice is yours plugin should no longer be a master for the step patch and you can safely uninstall it.

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