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  1. Check the following locations and ensure that the body slot you want is in use and that there are no additional slots in use. NIF file in NifSkope: For each NiTriShape highlight the BSDismemberSkinInstance in the Block List. Go to Block Details, fully expand the Partitions entry and any sub groups, ensure the Body Part entry has the body slot you want. xEdit: Access the Armor Addon record. Locate the BODT entry. Ensure the First Person Flags entry matches the NIF file. Access the Armor record. Locate the BODT entry. Ensure the First Person Flags entry matches the NIF file. You may wish to look at these locations for the one item that is working how you want and then mimic that on the other.
  2. I don't know what ones make up the step patch. But you could install 'the choice is yours' mod along with everything else (including the step patch). Then load the step patch plugin in xEdit. Look at the records that the patch touches upon that are also in the choice is yours plugin. If there is only one other mod in conflict, simply delete the record entry from the step patch plugin. If more than one other mod is in conflict, examine each entry on the record and revert any carried over data from the choice is yours plugin to whatever value from the next plugin to the left of the choice is yours plugin. After you have completed going through the records, clean and sort the masters for the step patch plugin. The choice is yours plugin should no longer be a master for the step patch and you can safely uninstall it.
  3. ITMs should not cause CTDs. At the worst, they'll prevent another mod which changes the same record and is loaded earlier from having its changes used. Some ITMs are intended as the author wants to ensure that the items have specific values for their mod to function properly. Other ITMs are from changes that were reversed rather than simply removing the record from the plugin.
  4. No. I don't know what changed between the different binaries. All I can tell you is that 0.308 has been working just fine for me ever since I installed it. I even tried some presets but they tank my FPS by half and make for an unplayable experience. I do have autosaves turned off, but my daughter's profile has them on and she has had no issues either. That said, I haven't used ENBoost without Crash Fixes v11 or v12 beta installed. Maybe there is something in Crash Fixes that is preventing the issue from occurring for me. Or it could be my OS as I'm using Win 7. At any rate, my ENBLocal.ini if you wish to compare:
  5. Most users on the site can only edit their posts within 15 minutes. Something to do with thread continuity is the reason.
  6. MO insists on it being 0 when using local saves. This is why I thought it would work. You got me to test some scenarios, however, and it shot my idea to pieces. Sticking with what I know will work, we'll pull a page from Wrye Bash... Change your Documents folder location to a different drive as instructed above. Set your MO profiles to not use local saves Edit each Skyrim.ini for each profile Change sLocalSavePath= under [General] to point to a sub folder of "Documents\My Games\Skyrim" i.e. sLocalSavePath="Saves\profile1" That should give you your saves in each of their own folders on a different drive.
  7. No need to mess with changing where the Documents folder is stored. You can make the following changes to your initweaks.ini file in your specific profile folder located at "Mod Organizer\profiles" [General] bUseMyGamesDirectory= SLocalSavePath= Set bUseMyGamesDirectory to 1 to use your Documents folder. Set to 0 to use any other location. SLocalSavePath should be set to the path that you want. If bUseMyGamesDirectory is 1, the path is relative to "Documents\My Games\Skyrim" If it is 0, then you need to enter the full path. Please note, I'm not sure if you need to use quotes or not. Probably do. These changes also work with the Skyrim.ini file unless you are using local saves in which case the initweaks.ini file overrides it.
  8. Do you still need this? Cause I can whip one up fairly quick.
  9. Sure, you can create a new profile in MO and activate only the mods that you want to use. All of your installed mods will still show in the left pane, but only the ones you activate will be used for that particular profile. Side note: If you want to install a currently installed mod with different options for a new profile, simply re-name the current installed mod folder (I tend to use - ), then re-install the mod from your downloads tab (unless of course you imported from a file, in which case re-import)
  10. Actually, EnTorg's issue stems from something else. Those are normal GetFormFromFile checks that USLEEP does in order to remind users in-game that they can't use USKP patches with USLEEP. The save file does not depend on USKP patches. @EnTorg The papyrus log is not a crash log. Try using Crash Fixes as it may prevent the crash entirely or if you turn the logging option on (beta v12 only) it can tell you what may have been the cause of the crash. At any rate, the use of LAL is still advisable if you want to skip the opening Helgen sequence.
  11. Pretty neat. Surprised mod authors aren't asking users to use that to share their orders and INIs. Sure would help with troubleshooting.
  12. That file is in reverse order. Guess I'll have to manually flip it around in a new file. Unless you know of a utility that could do it for me. ^^ I wanted to share "install order" alongside load order with one of my mods after I'd made it through a full game without any issues stemming from my mod.
  13. Using v 1.3.11 with Skyrim Is it possible to export the left list in order of priority? All the options that I've found for exporting to a TXT or CSV result in an alphabetical order by the "mod_installed_name" field.
  14. I'm no expert but I'd suspect that the problem is related to some missing files: At the start of TexGen: [00:00:06.185] textures\landscape\trees\treeoaktrunk02.dds not found! [00:00:06.208] textures\landscape\trees\treeoaktrunk02_n.dds not found! Right before the error message: [00:02:24.358] G:\Games\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\DynDOLOD-temp\textures\landscape\trees\treeoaktrunk02.dds not found! [00:02:24.374] G:\Games\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\DynDOLOD-temp\textures\landscape\trees\treeoaktrunk02_n.dds not found!
  15. I ended up taking that mod's full models and copying them to the lod folder and renaming them to match the lod names then set that mod to overwrite the DynDOLOD Resource files. Seems to be working so far. Probably not as processing friendly as using a lower poly model with a lower res texture but it gets the job done.
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