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Half-sized Snowberries by JustinOther


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No matter what texture I've applied to the snowberries they've always looked fake and this little mod that simply decreases the size of its model is the best solution I've found so far. I've not noticed any compatability issues with Vurts or other current STEP mods. So until someone (I think Brumbek has been taking a look at it) makes an actual 3d model of it I think this is a good solution if you agree that the current model is horrible.


Link to mod


The mod page has before and after screenshots.

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Issue: Snowberries look aweful and distorted.


Solution: Shrink the entire plant! :lol:


I personally prefer Vurts. It might be a little too green for the winter, because real snowberries don't have leaves in the winter, but he had the same idea. He just shrunk the berry and not the entire plant.

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