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Not Eligible for STEP patches

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Hi, I did hunt for answers before posting, but no luck.

I installed all the mods in the STEP list down to the STEP Compilation Installer, and though I have all the required mods installed and double checked, it still keeps telling me I'm Not Eligible for the extended or core patch. 

How to I figure out what is wrong here? 

If it is simply an error, is there a way I can bypass and just manually load the correct bits? How will I know if that worked, once I (hopefully) get the game going?

Thanks for any help!

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Hi, thanks. I triple checked, and they all seem to be there. I opened each one up and looked at optional esps as well.

I do see that hearthfires and dawnguard esps are listed as unmanaged in the left panel. Is that normal?

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Well yeah, you can. The thing is that if you are ineligible for the patch then you will be missing a master for the patch and crash on game start.


Every time we have ever ran into someone with this issue, they missed a mod and didn't realize it. The list is supposed to be updated with all the masters, but it is possible it is not. Like I said, I can double check the patch masters when I get home. Just not much I can do from my location, lol.

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I just double-checked, and I believe something is wrong with the FOMOD installer. I checked the patches, and they are correct regarding the masters in the list.


For now, install the STEP Compilation without the patch. Select no for the combined plugin. Then choose the compilation as per whether you installed Core or Extended.


Then exit MO, and go to Windows File Explorer. Go to wherever your Mod Organizer downloads are kept - by default [...]\Mod Organizer\downloads". Find the STEP Compilation and copy it somewhere else on your computer. Then extract it. Inside, you will see a bunch of folders with options for the STEP Patches. Core or Extended, as well as options for each if you do not install ELE or do not install ICAIO.


Highlight the folder with the plugin appropriate for your install, and create an archive out of it. With 7Zip, I just right-click, and choose the 7-zip option, and "Add to '<folder name>'.7z". Once you have made it an archive, you can install it in MO.


Go in MO, click the top-left button that looks like a folder with a CD in front of it and go to your archive you just made that includes the patch. Install it.


Now you have the compilation, and the patch. After you install the patch, check the plugin listing for it in MO's right pane, and make sure there are no flags. If there is a red yield symbol, that means that you are missing a master after all.

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Hey, thanks. Just getting to bed over here in germany. Will read that tomorrow more thoroughly. 

Just confused...which should I install, core or extended, or both? I really don't quite understand what they are...got the impression from that link I mentioned above, that both were the goal here.

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Did you install STEP Core (only the mods in the list with the green bar on the left side)? Or STEP Extended (pretty much all the mods on the list, except a couple that it's mentioned not to install because they are already part of another Extended mod)?


Extended includes Core, plus more. Core is a smaller set of mods, and a smaller associated patch.


Edit: Just to be clear, only install one version of the patch. This is why the FOMOD is better, because it avoids any problems with manual install. But if the FOMOD is broken, then that isn't possible until we get a chance to fix it.


Also, one thing to double check is that you have the internal installer turned on (set to true). You can check this in the MO settings, in the Plugins tab.

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Good morning. I installed and followed instructions for everything in this list (minus ones it said I wouldn't or don't need, if using enboost or extended mod): 


I have all the mods in the extended list, quadruple checked. Opened every one to verify the esp correctly chosen.

The fomod installer is set to true.

I'll go scour the list again to see if I goofed anything else along the way.

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Well, I dug around and figured out how to manually load the esp for the step extended patch and finished the step install. The game seems to be working fine, looks good.

Thanks for the help, I'll holler if something else goes awry!

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I asked this in another thread but I think this one is more appropriate.


I am trying to add the STEP Compilation Installer - High Res - 2292l  having done a STEP:Extended install using Mod Organizer but I am told that it is not eligible for STEP:Extended Patch. I believe I have added the modules correctly though the guide is unclear on exactly which size options are allowed to install for HD.


Is there any list of exactly what should be installed. I am rebuilding from scratch as when clicking on STEP Vanilla Optimized Textures it sent me to STEP - Skyrim Total Enhancement Project which left me very confused. I successfully used the instructions available at the beginning of the year so this is frustrating and any help or pointers would be very much appreciated. 


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