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  1. Hi, I installed the entire STEP shebang, and wonder what I can do to fix two annoying issues. I have no idea which mod may have caused this...or if it's a vanilla issue. Stealth bow shots give a ridiculous 20x multiplier now. Just ridiculous, methinks. An arrow is an arrow. Not 20 arrows. Enemies literally stand next to my low level character and can't see her in broad daylight. I can open a chest 10 feet from a dude, and loot his ****, and he doesn't hear a thing. My stealth is just 32 or something, but even at 100, this is just retarded. Any idea what I can tweak or disable to make this a bit more realistic? Thanks for any advice!
  2. I got the STEP process all set up and running, and want to add another mod, once I got playing. To slow down the absurd magicka and health regen rates. I got the impression that I need to use wryebash to redo the bashed patch each time I add a mod? Is that correct? Is that all need to do, besides reLOOTing it? Thanks!
  3. Well, I dug around and figured out how to manually load the esp for the step extended patch and finished the step install. The game seems to be working fine, looks good. Thanks for the help, I'll holler if something else goes awry!
  4. I have RealisticWaterTwo - Legendary.esp and RealisticWaterTwo.esp. Is that ok?
  5. Good morning. I installed and followed instructions for everything in this list (minus ones it said I wouldn't or don't need, if using enboost or extended mod): https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP: I have all the mods in the extended list, quadruple checked. Opened every one to verify the esp correctly chosen. The fomod installer is set to true. I'll go scour the list again to see if I goofed anything else along the way.
  6. Hey, thanks. Just getting to bed over here in germany. Will read that tomorrow more thoroughly. Just confused...which should I install, core or extended, or both? I really don't quite understand what they are...got the impression from that link I mentioned above, that both were the goal here.
  7. Ok. I checked off your list as well as this one https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP_Patches_Requirements#STEP_Core_Patch, and I absolutely have all these mods installed and ticked. I'll quadruple check though.
  8. Ja, dragonborn is unmanaged too. Can I just manually grab what I need, despite this, if need be? Thanks for the help attempt.
  9. Hi, thanks. I triple checked, and they all seem to be there. I opened each one up and looked at optional esps as well. I do see that hearthfires and dawnguard esps are listed as unmanaged in the left panel. Is that normal?
  10. Hi, I did hunt for answers before posting, but no luck. I installed all the mods in the STEP list down to the STEP Compilation Installer, and though I have all the required mods installed and double checked, it still keeps telling me I'm Not Eligible for the extended or core patch. How to I figure out what is wrong here? If it is simply an error, is there a way I can bypass and just manually load the correct bits? How will I know if that worked, once I (hopefully) get the game going? Thanks for any help!
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