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Skyrim Landscape Overhaul - Stone Walls (by Xenophobe3)


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Sure, this looks much better cause of more complex meshes, at least in the pics? Didn't try it yet. 


But when will these people overhaul Windhelm for example? At least ground meshes?

It is much more important then pile of rocks.

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Nice, a mesh mod that isn't smoothed to hell and improves the overall look. If I were to be picky, there are quite a few points that are stretching the texture. 


@Starac @Tech


Go on...  I'd still like to look at WH, but progress will be slow. I just don't know what needs doing in terms of priority. 

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I have proposed this to SMIM author, Brumbek, long time ago. But nothing.


Windhelm is much more important then chains, ropes, barrels, etc. And it makes no sense to improve these things because when you enter Windhelm you wan't to throw up?

I don't even look at the ropes and chains during play time. And barrels, tables, look good even with better texture. 


I can do this. I have created completely new armors for Enderal, which includes meshes and textures. But i work some textures right now, and to overhaul Windhelm meshes would be too much work. 

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Well I already fixed up Whiterun, but that took ages. I just want to know what exactly are the bad areas to see if I can perhaps do a few pieces now and again? I'm hot asking who is capable to do so and who can't/hasn't. ;)

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Urm... people? Although I have to agree with fixing Windhelm, those stuff is out-of-topic right?


Anyway, the mod was updated. But, it only adds Enhanced Landscapes Patch. The good news is, the author seems to take .esp file updates seriously so we'll be seeing an update shortly (hope it's not disappointing) 

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