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ENB injector .305 missing files?



I'm doing a new installation of step, but this last version of enb .305 have some misisng files i think.

Since i'm using a Nvidia Optimus laptop video card, the injector folder is the right choice for me, but it only have 3 files in that folder: ENBInjector.exe, enbinjector.ini and enbseries.dll.

Also it ask to run the exe file before opening the game and close when not running the game (in Readme.txt).

So, without a enblocal.ini and with the need to run this file before MO/SKSE, will the game works right?

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Run it once, open the game, and then close out of everything. It should create any missing files so you can edit them as you need. It's been a while since I've run the injector version so it could have changed from this behavior, but try it to see.


Also, yes, the injector version's EXE has to be ran before you run Skyrim. This is the way the injection works.

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