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Out Of Memory Crashes





 I've been following the F&L guide, but recently have been experiencing out of memory crashes. I'm using NV Stutter remover, and thought the crashes might have to do something with enabling HEAP Replacement in the NVSR.ini, as I've read that it can sometimes cause this.


On another note, I'm using 4gb updated enabler. The game appears to start fine while using it via MO, however if I alt tab and check mem usage..FNV doesn't seem to be using more than 1.8 gb or so..Is this just a normal cycle? And is it possible that this might be the cause of my memory crashes?


Thank you in advance!

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Here's how it works: Use ENBoost and you get a hit to FPS, but you don't have memory crashes. Or, don't use ENBoost and you get memory crashes.


Even with the 4GB enabler, there is so much the game can handle. Textures just eat up a ton of memory. You could downgrade a few texture packs to smaller versions if you don't want to use ENBoost.

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